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Our Mowers

Al Fresco has invested in the best quality mowing equipment in order to efficiently handle the most demanding
mowing tasks.

A lot of the jobs we do around Nelson we use our Ventrac 4500 all-wheel drive 8 wheeled tractor. This has a  manufacturers slope rating of 30 degrees. Most mowers only have a maximum slop angle of 10 – 15 degrees. With the machine, hillside mowing can be completed safely and efficiently.

The Ventrac Mower
The HQ680 Tough Cut Mower is designed formowing high grass, thick weeds and brush. A large baffled front opening allows brush to enter for cutting and hinders debris from escaping.
Three heavy-duty blades counterrotate to cut and drop materials evenly withoutwindrowing.  Capable of cutting material up toa half inch in diameter, the HQ680 makes short work out of heavy brush.

While slopes and hillsides add aesthetics and dimension to the landscape, those same hills and slopes can be very dangerous to mow without the right type of slope mowing equipment.
Ventrac tractors offer a unique combination of benefits that no other piece of equipment can offer. Discover how Ventrac is a safer solution to your slope mowing needs for slopes up to 30 degrees (58% grade).

How steep is 30 degrees?


Walker Mower
The Walker Mower  has a 42″ catching deck and a 62″ side discharge deck, which covers large areas quickly & efficiently. The WALKER mowers compact size & manoeuvrability allow efficient mowing of small to large lawns, places that other mowers simply wont fit. Virtually any area that can be mowed with a conventional mower can be mown  faster & more easily with a WALKER, due to their advanced & superior design. WALKER mowers are rated the worlds best zero turn mower, which is why we use them. The WALKER will give you a manicured finish that only a WALKER can.


Goliath Mower
The Masport Goliath 4 wheel drive ride-on mower is perfect for demanding conditions such as neglected and rough terrain where traction can be compromised, for example, hills and slopes, undulations, sandy and wet conditions, where other mowers struggle. They will cut and mulch high grass, brush, thistles, and most overgrown and out of control vegetation. The 110cm (43″) cutting deck does not directly deflect cuttings from the side therefore keeping paths, driveways, building, fences and gardens free from cut debris.


Agria 9600 Mower

This lightweight design of the Agria mower combines rubber tracks and a low centre of gravity for effective function on slopes. It is ideal for mowing steep slopes up to approx. 50 ° (120%). With excellent mulching results in either direction which allows the agria 9600 to leave a less visible impact on lawn areas - even during aggressive manoeuvrings. It has a powerful stepless Electric Drive with 48 V DC Smooth electric drive for precise control.

Agria 9600 mower.jpg
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